Discover the Magical Cenotes in Riviera Maya Mexico

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a one-of-a-kind destination home to stunning white sand beaches, ancient Mayan cities, and lush natural parks. As you are exploring, you may be surprised to learn about the natural wonders hiding right below your feet. These natural wonders are called cenotes, magical attractions that are natural sinkholes containing permanent water. With over 6,000 cenotes to choose from, Riviera Maya Haciendas is here to help you narrow the list to five must-visit cenotes in Riviera Maya. 

A Few Quick Facts About Cenotes in Riviera Maya 

The cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula were created by eroded limestone holes that formed caverns and underground rivers over thousands of years. As you visit our cenotes, we ask that you be respectful of the heritage and significance of these special places.

  • The Riviera Maya has three main cenote types: cave, semi-open, and open cenotes. 
  • Cenotes have served as sacred spaces to the Maya for thousands of years, serving as their primary water source and the gateway to the underworld. 
  • The word cenote comes from the Mayan word “dzonot,” meaning cavern with water. 

Visit These 5 Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

  1. Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos is one of the most visited cenotes in Riviera Maya and one of the longest underwater cave systems in the world. The two connected cenotes offer crystal clear water, popular for snorkeling and scuba diving.

  1. Gran Cenote

This cenote is a famous swimming hole and diving spot in Mexico. Here you can explore a collection of caves on the wooden boardwalks that wind through verdant jungle paths. Grab your snorkel gear and discover the underwater world of this magical cenote full of marine life and unique columns. 

  1. Cenote Sac Actun

Cenote Sac Actun is home to the longest underground river in the world and an extensive cave system. Sign up for a guided tour and witness the turquoise waters, stalactites, and archaeological sites.

  1. Cenotes Casa Tortuga

Experience a wonderful tour of four cenotes in Riviera Maya at this natural park. Visit the bats at Wisho Cenote, learn about Mayan culture at Cenote Jaguar, and jump into the crystal clear waters of Cenote Tres Zapotecs.

  1. Cenotes Kantun-Chi

Discover five magical cenotes at Ecopark Kantun Chi. Learn about the cenotes with a local guide, or create your own tour through the lush jungle trails. The magical waters can be discovered by swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or diving.

Plan Your Riviera Maya Getaway Today!

Discover the unique environment of Mexico during your getaway by visiting the cenotes in the Riviera Maya. Come and experience the magic and bliss our villas and homes offer with Riviera Maya Haciendas. From Puerto Aventuras to Tulum and Cancun, we have the perfect property waiting for you. Make sure to browse our specials to learn more about how you can save on your Riviera Maya vacation!

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