Discover Mayan Ruins in Mexico along Riviera Maya

Visitors come to Mexico for a variety of reasons whether it is the beaches, delicious cuisine, natural beauty, or rich Maya history, there is something for everyone to discover. History lovers can discover over 200 Mayan ruins throughout the country, dating back thousands of years. Travel beyond the typical tourist attractions, and you will find some of the most impressive Mayan Ruins in Mexico along the Riviera Maya. The Mayan ruins, temples, and cities remain a wonder to behold, highlighting the fascinating culture and history of the Maya. Discover fascinating ancient history during your Mexico vacation and stay with us at Riviera Maya Haciendas

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is famous for its spot on the list of 7 Wonders of the World, accredited to the Pyramid of Kukulcan. This pyramid is one of the most remarkable displays of Maya architecture that brings in over two million visitors every year. This archaeological site was founded by the Itza around the 5th century AD, and 26 Mayan ruins remain today for visitors to explore. Some of the most notable structures include the Temple of the Warriors, The Ball Game Court, and a sacred cenote.

Learn more about Chichen Itza’s history and the guided tours available.

Tulum Archaeological Zone

The Mayan ruins in Mexico at the The Tulum Archaeological Zone are a must-visit during your vacation. Tulum was known to be one of the last great cities constructed by the Maya and an important religious and trade location. The city was built on a cliff, surrounded by an impressive limestone wall. Tulum’s pyramid is the most notable structure that was once a lighthouse. Another remarkable highlight is the Temple of the Frescoes, where you can see a beautifully preserved mural inside.

Coba Ruins

Coba was once the most prominent commercial city built by the Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula. The town’s success is attributed to its location between two lagoons and its position along trade routes. The largest pyramid here is open for visitors to climb to the top. The top of the pyramid offers picturesque views of the jungles and the other archaeological sites. One of the other distinguishing aspects of this archaeological site is the sacbes or white roads that connect the ruins.

Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park is an ecological theme park where you can experience over 50 attractions, including archaeological remains. This park is an excellent option for families traveling in Mexico since it combines history with fun. The ruins within the park highlight a Mayan community known for its maritime trade. 

Visit the Mayan Ruins in Mexico

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