The Riviera Maya Haciendas has always been careful about the cleaniless of its properties but, now we do even more for the safety of the staff and yours!

For the cleaning, we are using professional cleaning products for sanitization of the floors, the door handles, lockboxes, doors, windows, rugs, furniture, devices, air conditioning ducts, fans, lamps, swithches, etc. We listed all the contact points of the property and we make sure that all are sanitized.

We are using sanitizing product with alcoholic base approved by EPA to clean superficies. The products are efficient to eliminate all type of pathogens, bacterias, and of course, virus as Covid-19. Our products have the caracteristic to be biodegradable therefore they are not harmful for you or the environment.

Before your arrival, the property is completely sanitized, deeply cleaned with our spread spectrum products, all the contact points are sanitized as mentionned earlier.

We are using a vapor machine to kill bacterias and germs on the mattresses, pillows, cushions and curtains, and then we spray the sanitizing product.

On the closet, we aspire it and clean it with the sanitizing product.

When the general cleaning is finished, we finalize it by cleaning in detail all the little items like handle doors, television, coffee maker, remote controls, lamps, ironing board, iron, etc.

At your arrival, your luggages will be sanitized with the sanitizing products before to be sent to your room or property.

During your stay, the same person will be going to your property to do the housekeeping, sanitizing their shoes before coming in and wearing all the corresponding equipement (surgical gloves and household gloves, face covers, head visor).

We recommand you to not let anyone else that the registered guests and staff coming inside the property.

After your check out, the property we receive the same deep cleaning and sanitizing procedure to make sure is ready for the next guests arriving.